Pubdate: Thu, 08 Aug 2013
Source: Brighton Independent (CN ON)
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Author: Sue Dickens


The benefits of cannabis as a "legal medicine" will be the focus of a 
booth at the new Wellness Expo being organized by Jane Fry for this 
year's Campbellford fair.

"I have met all the criteria for the expo and am just waiting to hear 
back about my application," said Al Graham, a medical marijuana user 
who is a spokesperson and founder of People Advocating Cannabis 
Education (P.A.C.E.), "a local grassroots organization."

Suffering from Crohn's disease, a chronic (lifelong) illness, he uses 
cannabis for its medicinal benefits, with a doctor's prescription.

"I've been taking it for seven years for Crohn's disease and I've 
gone the whole time completely painkiller free without oxycontins or 
percocets," he said.

"My focus at the fair will be on education of cannabis and its use 
for medical purposes ... and its use for commercial or industrial 
purposes. For example, hemp and cannabis can be made into clothing, 
creams etc.," he said.

He will have P.A.C.E. brochures on hand to distribute as well as 
copies of the magazine Treating Yourself both of which are also 
available online.

The magazine builds awareness, generates interest, educates and 
provides readers (which include medical marijuana, alternative 
medicine users, members of the hemp community, their caregivers, 
professionals in this and related industries) "with conscientious, 
ethical, and reliable information to assist them with the management 
of their wide and varied health needs and provide them with access to 
safe and reliable products."

"I have boxes of the magazine to give to people for free," said Graham.

As well he will be providing educational information "about the old 
[government] program and the new program, about living as a medical 
user, what's it like in society now, is its use accepted, are we 
accepted etc.," he explained.

"We'll be touching on it all in order to bring cannabis medicine into 
the mainstream more."

He has had a P.A.C.E. booth in Toronto at various venues including 
the National Women's Show and the International Home and Garden Show.

"This will be the first time P.A.C.E. has done this in a small town 
Wellness Expo," said Graham, explaining that the criteria included a 
$50 fee for the booth, providing a door prize and having $1 million 
liability insurance, something vendors are asked to provide.

"Cannabis as a medical alternative is something people need to learn 
about because it is an option that they have."

He will also talk about the changes the government is making.

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, announced new 
regulations last month that will change the way Canadians access 
marijuana for medical purposes.

According to Health Canada since its introduction in 2001, its 
Marihuana Medical Access Program (MMAP) has grown exponentially, from 
under 500 authorized persons to over 30,000 today.

Under the new regulations, production will no longer take place in 
homes "and municipal zoning laws will need to be respected, which 
will further enhance public safety."

"As of September 30, no patients will be allowed to apply for a 
licence to grow," said Graham.

"As well when this new program kicks in all the patients will have to 
tear down their gardens and destroy anything they've grown, as of 
March 31, 2014," he added.

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