Pubdate: Tue, 13 Aug 2013
Source: Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Nanaimo Daily News
Author: Darrell Bellaart
Cited: Sensible BC:


Nanaimo recruiters have less than a month to sign up 200 volunteers 
in a quest to decriminalize the simple possession of marijuana.

As Washington State prepares to move toward a state-controlled 
marijuana distribution system, pro-cannabis organizers from the group 
Sensible BC have taken a cue from the recent, successful campaign to 
kill the HST through B.C. referendum laws.

Nanaimo organizers want to find 250 canvassers before the official 
campaign begins, but have only about 45, just less than a month from 
the Sept. 9 start of the province wide campaign.

"We really need help," said Amanda Orum, who wants to have at least 
80 canvassers in each of the three Nanaimo constituencies.

With 10 per cent of registered voters, a referendum would be held 
next year on passage of the Sensible Policing Act, which would direct 
all police in the province not to conduct searches, seizures, 
citations or arrests, for simple cannabis possession by adults.

Orum, a mother of small young boys, abstains from alcohol, caffeine 
and tobacco but she relaxes with cannabis after a hard day.

"I don't want gangs to be profiting from this," Orum said. "I want to 
be able to grow plants in my backyard and not have to face a minimum sentence.

"This is a people-powered referendum. If we don't get people 
involved, we won't be successful."

Anyone interested in finding out more can do so on the Facebook page, 
Sensible BC Nanaimo, or visit the provincial website, 
or by email at  ---
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