Pubdate: Sat, 10 Aug 2013
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 The Toronto Star
Author: Inta Liepins


Re: Legalizing pot, endorsing stupidity, Aug. 7

Rosie DiManno's column made me wonder if she had over-indulged.

Her statement, "I don't accept that dipping into any drug for an 
experimental adventure - not crack, not methamphetamines, not LSD - 
will automatically predispose an individual toward addiction and a 
life of ruin," is a bit reckless for a "family" newspaper. In middle 
age, is Rosie trying to prove how cool and open-minded she is 
compared to Justin Trudeau?

Unlike Rosie, many people lack good judgment and will-power. They 
might have health problems (physical or mental) or personal 
difficulties that pre-dispose them to addiction. For many of us, it 
really is better not to give into temptation, because we might not be 
able to handle it.

For some, occasional pot-smoking can be relatively harmless. However, 
Justin Trudeau's mother admits that she smoked far too much of it 
herself, and that it was particularly harmful for her as someone with 
bipolar disorder.

As a child, I came across a Latvian children's book containing a 
story about a dog who fell asleep in the cannabis patch. I learned 
that my ancestors made cannabis butter, and that it tasted good.

Perhaps if it were legal for people to have a couple of plants for 
their own consumption, just like growing an herb garden, it would 
take away the "cool" factor of smoking up and encourage moderation.

Inta Liepins, St. Catharines
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