Pubdate: Sat, 10 Aug 2013
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 The Toronto Star
Author: Rudy Fernandes


Re: Legalizing pot, endorsing stupidity, Aug. 7

In her own inimitable, candid and confrontational style, Rosie 
DiManno has waded into the deep end of the marijuana pool.

Her observation that: "If nicotine is so destructive of health, 
surely marijuana is no better," would suggest a surprising lack of 
appreciation for the facts. While both these are major 
addiction-causing substances their effects on human health are very different.

Cigarette smoking is well accepted as a leading risk factor for a 
host of highly prevalent diseases leading to very high levels of 
morbidity and mortality, which is not true with marijuana.

Experience in other countries supports Trudeau's logic for legalizing 
pot possession, regulating it and taxing it. It is good to see that 
politicians' views can evolve over time, based on facts as well as 
the changing public opinion among Canadians.

Let us hope that many other Star readers will weigh in on this 
important topic, in an open and unbiased manner.

Rudy Fernandes, Mississauga
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