Pubdate: Sat, 10 Aug 2013
Source: Missoulian (MT)
Copyright: 2013 Missoulian
Author: Dale Blackford


I don't know if Jason Washington was targeted for his participation in
distributing and manufacturing medical marijuana (Missoulian, Aug. 7),
but he was abandoned and scapegoated, if not defrauded, by the state
of Montana.

Washington says his business decision was based on opportunity and
protection provided by state law. Most revealing was his reaction to
his conviction: "When I needed help, Montana didn't stand up for me not 
the city, not the state, and not the citizens who sat on the jury."

He and others pursued this state-sanctioned, legitimate enterprise
until the feds came in to impose their will and the state of Montana
caved, using him (and others) to "CYA." The state basically told the
feds, "Have at 'em. We're taking heat on this law anyway, so we'll do
our least to oppose your prosecution of the Montana citizens we've led

Let the innuendo and doublespeak begin. At the very least the state
needs to accept responsibility for its part in this debacle. He
shouldn't have been prosecuted. Instead, he should be reimbursed for
his time and expense and awarded significant damages from the primary
federal lawbreaker: the state of Montana that led him on.

Washington wasn't even a co-conspirator. The state set him up under
reasonable assumption that they had his back. They lied. They ran away
like little children, hand caught in the cookie jar, pointing with the
other toward the baker. Disgusting.

Montana, the last great place? Maybe for hypocrites.

Dale Blackford, Missoula
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