Pubdate: Wed, 31 Jul 2013
Source: Simcoe Reformer, The (CN ON)
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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau now says he's in favour of legalizing 
pot. We disagree, which means we agree with what Trudeau said at last 
year's Liberal party convention, where delegates voted in favour of 
legalizing marijuana and he was opposed.

At that convention, Trudeau told ProjectRedDot legalization would 
likely increase marijuana consumption, which is "not great for your 
health" and "disconnects you a little bit from the world," adding, "I 
don't know that it's entirely consistent with the kind of society 
we're trying to build." We also agree with what Trudeau told 
Maclean's in 2010, when he wasn't even in favour of the lesser step 
of decriminalization.

"It's not your mother's pot," Trudeau warned, meaning today's 
marijuana is much stronger than what baby boomers smoked in their hippy days.

"I lived in Whistler for years and have seen the effects," Trudeau 
said. "We need all our brain cells to deal with our problems."

Now, Trudeau says his thinking has evolved. He wants to legalize 
marijuana, regulate it, tax it and keep it out of the hands of children.

He hasn't explained how legalizing it will reduce consumption by 
young people, the opposite of what he suggested in 2012.

Nor how the government will deal with illegal grow-ops and smugglers 
selling cut rate pot, given that government-regulated pot will be 
taxed and more expensive. (Think of the thriving organized crime 
business in selling and smuggling illegal cigarettes, even though 
tobacco is legal.)

We agree with Trudeau's previous position, and with the 
Conservatives' response that "these drugs are illegal because of the 
harmful effect they have on users and on society." We support medical 
marijuana, prosecutorial discretion for casual users - there's no 
need to jail them - and throwing the book at big-time grow-op 
operators and smugglers.

We do credit Trudeau with taking a clear position in favour of 
legalizing pot, as opposed to the half-step of decriminalization.

This will give voters a clear choice in the next election between 
Trudeau's Liberals, who want to legalize pot, and Stephen Harper's 
Conservatives, who don't.

At present, most Canadians say they're in favour of legalizing or 
decriminalizing pot.

We're confident when all the facts are put before them, they'll 
believe what Trudeau used to believe.
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