Pubdate: Tue, 30 Jul 2013
Source: Oakland Press, The (MI)
Copyright: 2013 The Oakland Press
Author: Colton D. Robertson


Marijuana in our country has long been an issue. We should be able to
make our own decision to use or not, it should be regulated like
alcohol, and it should be taxed and sold legally. In changing times
with public approval being at 56 percent we should not be denied.

On a recreational basis much like alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine we
should have the right to decide what we want to use or consume. We the
people should have the option to opt to use marijuana to relax just as
we have the option to consume an alcoholic beverage.

End the "war on marijuana." The drug war has cost us trillions of
dollars in its time consumption and the war has admittedly failed.
Stopping arrests for marijuana lessens the impact on our court
systems, which all equates to saving tax dollars. Our country and
states have only just started to begin to see the beneficial revenue
from tax dollars for medical marijuana. As a state, Colorado collected
over $5 million in taxes from the medical marijuana industry alone.
Our nation should benefit as a whole.

So I am asking solely based on freedom, recreational use and taxes:
why it is not legal? If I can have a beer after a long day of work, I
see no reason why I should not be able to enjoy some marijuana if I so
choose. It can help our nation and states by generating revenue, free
up the legal system by stopping unnecessary arrests, free up tax
dollars from enforcement and provide a legal environment for
recreational users.


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