Pubdate: Thu, 11 Jul 2013
Source: New York Daily News (NY)
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Author: Beverly McClain
Page: 30


Manhattan: As a woman with incurable breast cancer, it was with deep
disappointment that I learned last month, despite an all-nighter end
to the legislative session, that the state Senate once again failed
to bring the Compassionate Care Act to a vote. There is no way to
know what my disease has in store for me while Albany dithers with
this sensible and compassionate legislation for another year. I was
so sure that this was the year our voices would be heard and
understood - but once again, I was wrong.

The Compassionate Care Act would have allowed thousands of seriously
ill and debilitated New Yorkers safe and legal access to medical
marijuana. With its lack of action on the bill, the Senate is
effectively telling us to wait another year for the relief of
state-sanctioned medical marijuana. In the span of this past year, my
cancer spread from my bones to my lymph nodes and brain. Will I still
be here to campaign for this basic right next year?

Beverly McClain
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