Pubdate: Sat, 06 Jul 2013
Source: Independent on Saturday, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2013 The Independent on Saturday
Author: Arthi Sanpath


IT MAY be illegal in Durban, but in California patients are puffing 
up a storm with Durban Poison  courtesy of a doctor's prescription.

Durban Poison  a Durban strain of cannabis  is, according to a 
Californian company, Craft Research Alliance for Therapeutics 
(Craft), becoming the cannabis of choice for patients.

Craft provides medical cannabis, which is certified as Clean Green, 
meaning it is grown organically, and free from pesticides. California 
decriminalised the use of dagga in January 2011.

Californians with cancer, Aids and other chronic illnesses, can grow 
or obtain marijuana for medical purposes when recommended by a doctor.

Durban Poison has been described as having a lovely, sweet, 
mint-liquorice smell, with uplifting and anxiety-free effects.

Overseas, it is sold in jars to keep the cannabis fresh.

Before ordering on the alliance's website, people are asked whether 
they are over the age of 18, and whether they are California 
residents, and have a valid doctor's medical cannabis recommendation, 
or state issued medical cannabis card.

Jules Stobbs, who is one half of "the dagga couple", and advocates 
for the decriminalisation of dagga in South Africa, said Durban 
Poison was "legendary overseas".

"If the plant hasn't been tampered with by pesticides or other 
contaminants, it is ideally suited to medicine," he said.

Stobbs said Durban Poison had a good combination of analgesic 
compounds, which relieved pain, and those that made people "feel high".
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