Pubdate: Sun, 30 Jun 2013
Source: Trentonian, The (NJ)
Copyright: 2013 The Trentonian
Authors: Susan Sturner and Rowyn Capers


For the second week in a row NJ's only functioning medical Marijuana 
dispensary is cancelling Patient's appointments.

Back in December I contacted you regarding the Department of Health 
releasing the names of NJ's medical Marijuana program via an email 
sent to all the patients on their mailing list. Then I spoke to you 
about the fact that I have uncontrolled Glaucoma and that even though 
I had my MMJ card from the State I still had not been called for my 
appointment. Interestingly the very next day I got that call.

Yesterday I got a different call from Greenleaf Compassion Center 
(GCC). The phone call said that I should not come in for my 
appointment to pick up medicine June 27th because they would be 
closed. Closed until further notice and I could not be told when that 
would be. Greenleaf has only been open 4 hours on Thursday, 10-2, 
every 2-3 weeks.

June 6th my service dog was diagnosed with cancer and I cancelled my 
appointment, I rescheduled for the next date GCC would be open, June 
20. Early last week I was called and told that the crop was ready but 
the DOH had not inspected it, yet, so it could not be sold. The DOH 
denies this.

I was rescheduled to come June 27th. Tuesday morning I was called and 
told there was not enough medicine for Greenleaf to open. I said, "I 
am out of medicine you have to know that I cannot stop medicating 
because of my eyes. My inter ocular pressure cannot spike". I was 
told that it was not worth it from a business perspective to open and 
have patients come for only 1/4 of an ounce. I said I would because 
that 1/4 would get me thru a week. I was told no.

Next Thursday is July 4th. The Thursday after that is July 11, but 
will they have medicine?

How can you go from having medicine to be inspected? A brand new 
crop? To having not enough? You are only serving 130 out of 1000 
Patients. You have been closed yet you are out of medicine a week 
later? Where did it go?

I called and told the department of health that I am out of medicine 
and that I fear for my vision.

I was told I have to do what I have to do and that there must be a way.

The man on the phone said he didn't know how to go about doing that 
but that there must be a way. I don't know any other way other than 
the dispensary.

I am a Patient not a criminal. Am I being told to become a criminal 
to save my eyesight?

Susan Sturner and Rowyn Capers
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