Pubdate: Wed, 05 Jun 2013
Source: Star, the (Kenya)
Copyright: 2013 the Star
Author: Stanley Njenga


Police in Kiambu are investigating a school has been accused of
colluding with a clinic to steal from parents. Irene Wairimu, a parent
at Gathiruini Boys Secondary School in Githunguri, said the
administration sent for her and told her to take her son to a certain
clinic to be tested for drugs.

The deputy headteacher gave her the doctor's contacts saying they
refer students suspected of abusing drugs to Freedom from Addiction
Organisation in Kiambu town

At the facility, Wairimu was charged Sh5,000 for the test and Sh8,000
for 10 counselling sessions. She grew suspicious when the doctor in
charge, James Karuri, refused to give her the boy's results because
she did not have the Sh8,000 to pay for counselling.

According to Wairimu, the doctor said her son tested positive for
alcohol, bhang and miraa and the results could not be given to her
unless he undergoes counselling as required by the school.

She took her son to Mathare Mental Hospital where he tested negative
for the substances. Wairimu said the school refused to accept the
results from the government hospital saying they must be doctored.

She was told to bring back the results which the school requires. The
police yesterday arrested two clinic employees pending investigations.
Karuri said Wairimu's case is not an exception because he has
conducted tests for many schools and had dealt with more than 100
cases for Gathiruini boys.

The deputy head denied claims by the doctor that they have a verbal
agreement to test students for drugs. Wairimu then contacted the
police to help her get her son back to school and get back the Sh5,000
paid to the doctor.

"My husband and I have separated because he had accused me of
colluding with the school to take the school fees. I'm afraid my son
may be victimised by the school for my involving the police and the
media," she said.
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