Pubdate: Mon, 03 Jun 2013
Source: Gulf News (UAE)
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Author: Bassma Al Jandaly


All efforts are needed to fight use of narcotics in UAE, top official

Dubai: The UAE is cooperating with countries all over the world in its 
fight against drugs, Major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi Al Asmawi, director 
of the anti-narcotics department at Dubai Police, said.

Drug smuggling and the use of drugs in the UAE has become a phenomenon
and all efforts are needed to fight it, he said.

Crime statistics for 2013 released on Sunday by Dubai Police show that
more than 364kg of illegal drugs, worth millions of dirhams, were
seized in Dubai in the past five months, compared with 346kg in the
same period of 2012 -- an increase of five per cent.

"Unfortunately many Emiratis and expatriates are involved in smuggling
and using drugs here," Maj Gen Al Asmawi said. "Many websites has been
closed which sell and promote drugs online," he said.

He said a total of 407 drug cases had been foiled in Dubai in the past
five months and the same number had also been foiled in the same
period in 2012.

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said the number of suspects arrested in Dubai in
relation to drug cases in the past five months this year was 523,
while 577 people were arrested in the same period in 2012.

"The number of people involved in drug cases decreased this year by
9.3 per cent," said Maj Gen Al Asmawi.

He said that recently Dubai Police and the Federal Department to fight
drugs in the country were able to foil an attempt to smuggle drugs
into Qatar from an Asian country after the drug dealers passed through
Dubai waters.

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said on May 13 three Asian suspects used a boat to
smuggle hashish to Qatar after hiding it inside a gargour (a special
net for fishing used in the Gulf area).

"The suspects were hiding more than 40kg of hashish but when coast
guards followed them they threw most of the hashish into the sea," he

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said that 27kg of hashish was found with the

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said Dubai Police received information that a huge
amount of drugs was on its way to Qatar from an Asian country.

"We immediately informed Qatar Police through the Ministry of
Interior," he said.

He said the suspects were arrested by Qatar Police.

Maj Gen Al Asmawi said the federal committee to fight drugs last year
arrested 21 Pakistani gang members who were trying to smuggle heroin
into Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He said another drug case, dubbed the Shark, involved Asian and
European drug dealers who were arrested here last year.
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