Pubdate: Thu, 16 May 2013
Source: Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)
Copyright: 2013 The Press-Enterprise Company
Author: Steve Ruddick


Court Overrules People

It's a sad day for people like me when the state's highest court 
overrules the will of the people to obtain lawful medical marijuana 
("Local governments can ban dispensaries, court rules," May 6).

I have a terminal case of liposarcoma. Thank God, I can still go to 
the drugstore and get my morphine and Xanax. I can't get medical 
marijuana to help ease my pain and suffering, but I can get hard narcotics.

How wrong is that? The court's ruling is an insult to Prop. 215 and 
SB 420, which made legal having access to medical marijuana in 
adequate quantities.

I can't get my lawful medicine from a regulated and monitored 
dispensary in San Bernardino County. That leaves me to grow my own, 
or I can go to Palm Springs to get it from a legal dispensary.

I thought SB 420 was supposed to enhance access to the medical 
marijuana OK'd in Prop. 215. Silly me.

Steve Ruddick

Angelus Oaks
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