Pubdate: Sat, 18 May 2013
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2013 The Tribune Co.
Author: John G. Chase


The government justifies the drug war by saying it "takes drugs off 
the street". What it really does is raise the price so high that 
casual users quit. But they were no problem in the first place. 
Problem users will do almost anything to get the cash to pay the price.

The best way to take a drug off the street is by giving it the legal 
status of alcohol. Then its tax revenue could be used for treatment 
of those who ask, and people selling to kids would lose their jobs. 
Start with marijuana and see how that goes. Then decide what to do, 
if anything, about the other illegal drugs. The funds now being 
wasted to arrest marijuana smokers could be used elsewhere. Most 
important, patients who smoke marijuana would no longer have to hide 
from police.

John Chase

Palm Harbor
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