Pubdate: Sun, 19 May 2013
Source: State Journal-Register (IL)
Copyright: 2013 The State Journal-Register
Author: Kirk W. Boyenga


The continued push to legalize "medical" marijuana is clear evidence 
of how our short-sighted politicians work. This has nothing to do 
with health care and everything to do with money in someone's pockets.

If it had something to do with health care, the medical community 
would be screaming and lobbying for it.

The reality is that this legislation, if approved, will open 
Pandora's Box and release far more problems with drugs than we have 
today. People will develop the mindset that if they are in any kind 
of pain or discomfort that they need to be able to use marijuana. 
Doctors will receive increasing pressure to prescribe it and, of 
course, it will work, because it is a strong mood altering drug.

Why else do people use drugs? To make the pain of life go away. Thus, 
the result of this bill will be an ever-decreasing tolerance to any 
type of pain and the ever-growing demand to be taken care of by our 
increasingly bankrupt social welfare system.

Yes, life does include pain, sometime severe pain. There are people 
trained and qualified to give aid when it is needed.

In addition, anyone who carries the label of Christian is obligated 
to do what they can to help others. So, let's put the responsibility 
where it belongs and not in the hands of legislators.

Kirk W. Boyenga

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