Pubdate: Sun, 21 Apr 2013
Source: Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN)
Copyright: 2013 Tribune-Star Publishing Co. Inc.
Author: Kirk Muse


Thanks for publishing Mike Travelstead's thoughtful letter: "Making
sense of marijuana debate" (April 14).

I'd like to add that those who think that marijuana prohibition
somehow protects our children and society, I'd like them to view a
short Youtube video featuring former California Superior Court Judge
James P. Gray. Go to and search for "Judge Jim Gray" or
search for "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition."

You will see that marijuana prohibition substantially increases all
other crime. Back in the 1960s, police solved more than 90 percent of
all homicides. Today they solve just over 60 percent. Why? Because of
our so-called war on drugs. There are great financial incentives for
police to make drug busts and confiscate the drug dealers' money and
property, but no financial incentive to solve rapes or murders.

- - Kirk Muse
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