Pubdate: Wed, 10 Apr 2013
Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
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Author: Brad Bailey
Page: 5B


Why does it seem that the harder the drug warriors fight, the worse 
the drug problem gets?

All the drugs confiscated in the recent HITS roundup are just a drop 
in the bucket of all the illegal drugs sold and consumed in Arkansas. 
I think the drug war is huge business for a vast bureaucracy of drug 
enforcement agencies, state and local law enforcement, private prison 
contractors, the pharmaceutical companies and even liquor 
manufacturers. Not to mention the billions being raked in by the 
Mexican cartels.

I believe the war on drugs causes the very things it's dedicated to 
wiping out. While Arkansas agencies are patting themselves on the 
backs for the reduced number of meth labs, there has been a huge 
influx of Mexican meth into the state. I believe toughening 
prevailing cold-medicine laws will only make it worse. It may save 
some kids' lives, but an addict of any age will get his fix one way or another.

We've been at this for 40 years now. How many drug offenders do we 
have to stuff into already overcrowded prisons before Arkansas 
finally gets the message? Get rid of organized crime. Get rid of 
drug-related crime, dereliction and death. Get rid of policing for 
profit. Get rid of prohibition.


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