Pubdate: Sun, 24 Mar 2013
Source: Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Copyright: 2013 Record Searchlight
Author: Melanie Miller


Oh my goodness, I have seen some stupid things on television, but the 
latest has really outdone itself.

I'm talking about the Discovery Channel's "Weed Country." I am all 
about Trinity County making some money off of marijuana grown here. 
But please, let's look at a bigger picture here.

So many organizations have been working on beautifying this community 
and promoting tourism - the Trinity Chamber of Commerce, Weaverville 
Chamber of Commerce, the Garden Club, the Revitalization Club, 
Caltrans, The Joss House, the Arts Council. The list is endless on 
these people trying to keep our county beautiful and bring in more 
tourism so that our county can flourish. This television show has a 
huge potential to undo all of everyone's hard work.

Did you two ever once think that your need to have 15 minutes of fame 
on television may affect the business community? What effects does 
this have on our schools or tourism? What do you think tourists will 
feel about our community? Did you two or the Discovery Channel ever 
talk to anyone else about how this may affect them?

Do you two knuckleheads think it's smart to put yourselves on 
television to make fools of the Sheriff's Department, the CHP and the 
federal government? Rubbing their noses in your personal issues that 
are still against the law? Really? They usually don't react with 
kindness when you break many state and federal laws on TV for the world to see.

And you should know that this isn't just about "weed." It brings a 
dangerous element to our community that you have no clue about.

If you want to change the law, do it. Until then I ask you two 
numbskulls what happened to "being cool, laying low, and not drawing 
attention to yourself"? Not too cool and really selfish and mean to 
the community.

Melanie Miller, Weaverville
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