Pubdate: Mon, 18 Mar 2013
Source: Grand Rapids Press (MI)
Copyright: 2013 Grand Rapids Press
Author: Richard Vanslyke


Alcohol or Marijuana?

Isn't it ironic that in spite of the will of the voter's, the city of 
Grand Rapid's will spend so much time & money fighting to keep 
marijuana from becoming legal, yet support the sale of alcohol at 
every chance. And so I ask you, which is safer, marijuana or alcohol?

1. Many people die from alcohol use, nobody die's from marijuana use. 
2. People die from alcohol overdoses. There has never been a fatal 
marijuana overdose. 3. The health-related cost's associated with 
alcohol use far exceed those for marijuana use. 4. Alcohol use 
damage's the brain, marijuana does not. 5. Alcohol use is linked to 
cancer, marijuana use is not. 6. Alcohol is more addictive than 
marijuana. 7. Alcohol use contributes to aggressive and violent 
behavior, marijuana use does not. 8. Alcohol use is a major factor in 
violent crimes. Marijuana use is not.

I've never been an advocate of marijuana, but it does bother me that 
the Grand Rapid's city leaders and prosecutor will completely 
disregard the voters, then spend the voter's tax dollars to fight a 
law the voter's passed to start with. And it bothers me even more 
that the so-called city leaders invite with open arms more breweries 
and beer fests, adding to the number of drunken drivers on our streets.

I think it's time the people of Grand Rapid's replace the so-called 
city leaders with scarecrows. They don't have a brain either, but at 
least their harmless.

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