Pubdate: Mon, 18 Mar 2013
Source: Northern Express (MI)
Copyright: 2013 Northern Express
Author: Steven B. Thompson


We pride ourselves on how we take care of the sick in this country. We
have the best hospitals in the world, as well as the finest doctors.
You would think that America totally supports people getting better
with whatever resources are available.

But wait just one minute. If you choose to medicate with cannabis,
(aka: marijuana), not only are you NOT supported by most of the
medical industry (which won't treat you if you have THC in your
system), but you may find yourself in a jail cell for growing and
using it. Not only that, but you're technically driving under the
influence every time you get behind the wheel of a car as the active
ingredients in cannabis stay in your system for months.

Medical marijuana laws enacted throughout the United States for sick
people have been mercilessly attacked by lawmakers (unlike the
pharmaceutical industry which has the full support of the justice
system), and judges and prosecutors are locking up caregivers for
having too much cannabis in their possession.

It's a senseless waste of tax dollars, law enforcement resources, and
ultimately hurts us all. Yet the war wages on.

In Michigan, a recent State Supreme Court decision makes criminals out
of caring providers of cannabis, who are now declared "public
nuisances." And instead of helping the sick get better, our government
is condemning our choice of medicine, kicking in our doors, taking
away our children, breaking up our families, and even murdering some
of us. So much for helping the sick get better.

Please contact your State House of Representative member and tell them
to support and demand a vote for HB 4271 (The Provisioning Center Act)
to give us back safe access to our choice of medicine and stop this

Rev. Steven B. Thompson, Benzie County NORML
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