Pubdate: Sat, 02 Mar 2013
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
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Author: Bill Kaufmann
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Legal medical marijuana growers are being shut out of consultation
meetings bent on eliminating pot grow-operations, says a Calgarian
licensed to produce the drug.

John Macdonald voiced concerns efforts to make Alberta officially
grow-op free will also harm legal producers, adding people like him
should be included in meetings that are part of those

"Why can't we be part of formal discussions, I don't know why we can't
get representation," said Macdonald, 49, who says he eats cannabis to
ease pain for his arthritis and spinal disease.

Last week, Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis announced
three-months of consultations whose input will be considered by the

Part of it will involve meetings between firefighters, police, civic
leaders and the real estate industry.

"I believe there's a better way as far as fire concerns and other
things go - I just want to work with these other people," said Macdonald.

He also said the province should speak out against the federal crime
omnibus Bill C-10 he fears will phase out medical grow licenses like

Denis said he won't tread on federal criminal jurisdiction.

But Macdonald said "you can't state it's none of your business when
the health of every Canadian lies with the provinces."

On Wednesday, Denis said the province won't target legal

"There's no intention of affecting people growing marijuana with a
licence from the federal government," said Denis.

He said consultation meetings are being confined to a certain
participants "to keep costs in line."

Denis said Macdonald can make online submissions as part of the

Macdonald admitted Denis has scheduled a one-on-one meeting with him
next month but said it doesn't address being excluded from stakeholder
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