Pubdate: Sat, 16 Feb 2013
Source: Times, The (Malta)
Copyright: 2013 Allied Newspapers Limited
Author: Herbert Messina- Ferrante


Alternattiva Demokratika has declared that "the war on drugs is a 
failure" ( February 13) and is therefore advocating the legalisation 
of cannabis.

One of the arguments made by those in favour of legalising this drug 
is that cannabis is safer than alcohol or cigarettes but with side 
effects such as memory loss, the body's inability to coordinate 
properly, anxiety attacks, confusion and the risk of developing lung 
cancer or nerve damage. Isn't this one drug we can do without?

Arguably, legalising cannabis will create a new type of addict who 
will consequently experiment with harder drugs. Who won't say that 
they will then expect the decriminalisation of other drugs such as 
ecstasy and cocaine?

Just because a substantial number of people are doing something 
doesn't make that something right, nor should it bring about a sudden 
new tolerance.

Has AD given due consideration to the side effects that this drug 
invariably causes?

Or is this ' campaign' no more than a faint attempt to muster some 
votes at the expense of the health of future victims?

Herbert Messina- Ferrante Attard
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