Pubdate: Tue, 05 Feb 2013
Source: Southern Gazette, The (CN NF)
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Author: George Macvicar
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A group of Marystown area parents, about 60-70 in all, attended a
public meeting at the Little Bay Heritage Centre Saturday called by
the 'Stand Against Drugs on the Burin Peninsula Committee'.

Spokesperson Ruby Hoskins, who chaired the meeting, asked those
present to sign three petitions, in an effort to battle what the
committee believes is a growing issue with drugs and drug abuse
throughout the peninsula.

Mrs. Hoskins told the meeting "The RCMP say drugs are readily
accessible in Marystown."

The petitions centred on what the committee said is a need for a
'Youth Addictions Outreach Worker' to deal with mental health and
addictions issues for youth 16 years and under; a 'Protection of
Children Abusing Drugs Act - PChAD', similar to legislation enacted in
Alberta and a functional 'Safe Room' at the Burin Peninsula Health
Care Centre.

Parents present expressed their concern about not knowing how to help
their children they believe are using drugs, and how to stop the drug
dealers they know are supplying both prescription and hard-core street
drugs to teenagers.

Mrs. Hoskins promoted the need for 'Neighbourhood Watch Programs' in
every community on the peninsula but admitted "Realistically, we won't
get rid of all drugs but it's a start" (to organize Neighbourhood
Watch Programs and inform both police and the general public about
what's happening).

"And we have to try to get treatment for our sons and daughters (who
are using these drugs)."

She and Coun. Leonard Pittman, chair of the Marystown council
Protection to Persons and Properties Committee, both indicated the
14-person Marystown RCMP Detachment is reduced in its staffing
compliment to service the entire peninsula.

Mrs. Hoskins said drugs teenagers and other children are using today
are not simply marijuana, once considered a soft drug.

"Today, these drugs are manufactured into street drugs with latex
paint, to give it a blue colour, or 'draino'.

"If I'm scaring somebody, good!"

A follow up meeting is being planned to try to have more residents to
voice their opinions and concerns.
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