Pubdate: Sat, 05 Jan 2013
Source: Northumberland News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 Georgia Peschel
Author: Georgia Peschel


Re: 'Marijuana busts in Northumberland spark online debate' by 
Crystal Crimi,

"For the record, I do not support marijuana. No argument presented, no
matter how convincing it may seem, will ever change that. Growing up
just a stone's throw from Northumberland in Orono provided enough
proof of the drug's dark side to etch those feelings in stone." --
Crystal Crimi

I read this article and all I could do was shake my head. Shame on you
and your ignorance when you have the power to teach and educate,
instead you make the statement above.

Are you a mother? I am and my son was born with a terrible progressive
to terminal bone disease. He suffered from chronic pain since birth
until he was 14 and started to use doctor-prescribed cannabis, which I
might add our country and others have recognized and approved of as a
valuable medicine to millions around the world including my son.

Should you care to actually educate yourself you may read my son's

You focus on the negative only -- shows me you have a very narrow

On behalf of myself and several other mothers whose children all use
cannabis and thank God for it -- shame on you.

I hope you never have to walk in our shoes to see the truth and get so
insulted at the damage people like you cause.

If my son was using morphine it would be socially acceptable yet would
have destroyed most of his organs by now -- not to mention his mind.

Your ignorance in this age of information is astounding.

I dare you to prove to me cannabis is bad.

If you don't feel the need then you should keep your narrow minded
opinions to yourself.

If you think I have not researched it you are mistaken. It is my son's
life-saving medicine for the past five years and counting.

I would be nice if you made mention of the healing potential of
cannabis, a legal medicine in our great country.

As for cannabis being a gateway drug, what a joke. Chances are they
will steal a sip or a cigarette before they even get close to marijuana.

Alcohol and tobacco: the easiest legal gateways out there.
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