Pubdate: Thu, 03 Jan 2013
Source: Langley Advance (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Marshall Neuman
Author: Marshall Neuman


Dear Editor,

I am astounded by your misinterpretation of the facts about the
decision by the Conservatives to take the production of medical
marijuana out of the hands of local growers and giving it over to big

Your comment, "Nobody wants illegal grow ops in their neighbourhoods
or communities. We all pay for the electricity they steal. We all pay
for the service costs they dodge by not paying taxes on their
enterprising activities [Eager to fight grow ops now, Dec. 18 Opinion,
Langley Advance]" is so far off the mark that it rises to the level of
irresponsible trash reporting.

Aglukkaq was talking about legal operations, not operations that steal
electricity and don't pay taxes. These are federally approved
operations, and as such, are paying for legitimate electrical hookups
that are inspected and approved by federal inspectors before the
licence is granted. The operators pay taxes on the sales of their
product, just like any other enterprise.

Some growers may take advantage of the lack of oversight after the
growing is approved and sneak in a few more plants than they are
licensed for, but that is no different from any other legal business
that aims to increase the bottom dollar by cheating the government a
little. They all do it - it's the capitalist way. The bottom line is
these are not illegal grow ops.

Do your homework before you spout off your misinformation on the pages
of a newspaper. We already get enough spin from these Conservatives.
We don't need our reporters, upon whom we count for the truth, to do
their dirty work for them.

Marshall Neuman, Langley
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