Pubdate: Wed, 26 Dec 2012
Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
Copyright: 2012 Margaret Evans
Note: Accepts letters to the editor from Arkansas residents only
Author: Margaret Evans


Growing up, when faced with certain situations, I was admonished more
times than I can count with, "Just use your common sense."

Well, somewhere along the way, this simple concept has become
completely obsolete. We humans are determined to bury important issues
under mountains of complex renderings when a little common sense would
serve us well.

Case in point, the issue of the legalization of medical marijuana.
Many chronically ill individuals are sent home with powerful
prescription opiates or narcotics to dispense at will to alleviate
their suffering. Pray tell, what is the difference between that same
individual being allowed to take marijuana for the same stated
purpose? Both come under the heading of a drug. The only difference is
that one is deemed legal by the passage of time and tenure, and the
other is making slow arduous inroads toward that same

So, please, can we all, in the interest of common sense, put ourselves
in the shoes of suffering individuals and not dare deny them this
means of relief and comfort? Remember, there but for the grace of God
could go I.


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