Pubdate: Sat, 22 Dec 2012
Source: Las Vegas Sun (NV)
Copyright: 2012 Frank Musaraca
Author: Frank Musaraca


Seventeen states have legalized medical use, and two states have
legalized adult recreational use, of the non-narcotic, controlled
substance marijuana. Nevada could benefit by adopting Colorado and
Washington laws.

The greedy pharmaceutical companies will no doubt protest as the drop
in sales of drugs will eat into their multibillion-dollar profits.

They fail to tell you that misuse of nearly every narcotic and
controlled substance that they sell via prescription can kill you,
except nonaddictive marijuana.

The deadliest "controlled substances" in our country are alcohol and
tobacco, which kill more people than all diseases combined. But the
government says that's OK because the multibillion-dollar alcohol and
tobacco conglomerates pay taxes.

Public approval of legal adult recreational use of marijuana has been
expressed by many Nevada voters.

Legalization will not change a thing because adults wanting to are
doing it now and will continue to do so!

Nothing will change except the significant cost of enforcing
antiquated pot laws, freeing up our police to thwart more lethal
illegal activities and violators. It will free up the millions spent
on imprisoning thousands of minor violators of present marijuana laws.

The legal sale and distribution of marijuana will not only give us
control of an already-formed and thriving multibillion-dollar
industry, it will provide sorely needed jobs for thousands of Americans.

And lastly, if we can keep the politicos away from the proceeds, our
teachers and school systems could benefit from taxing the licensing,
production, distribution and sale to the tune of untold billions.

Frank Musaraca, Henderson
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