Pubdate: Fri, 14 Dec 2012
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Penticton Western
Author: Lora Bruncke


Oh Canada, are we are at odds on yet another very emotional issue? Oil
. gas ... China? I want to thank Harry G. Kapeikis for sharing his
perspective. I hope all levels of governments will work together to
determine if oil and gas lobbyists are being honest with us. I fear
they may be trying to take advantage of the 'niceness' of Canadians.

I also find MP Dan Albas open to discussion. If anyone is concerned
with the China-Canada Trade Deal (FIFA) or the direction the
Conservatives are taking us, pick up the phone or stop in at his
office. Dan could use our support, praise and advice.

Why do I write? I have been very concerned with Canadian health and
wealth-fare since leaving Dallas, Tex. after G.W. Bush was 'elected'.
I am a cannabis activist who is working to enlighten anyone who will
listen on facts regarding marijuana and why it is illegal. Health
Canada admits it is medicine because they are allowing its use for
cancer, MS, arthritis, Crohns and other ailments. But for reasons
still unknown, scientists are keeping valuable research away from
governments and our medical, legal and educational

What do I see? It is easier to put a pot smoker in prison than a 
pedophile/murderer/rapist. Our 'innocent until proven guilty' 
mentality works well for those accused of horrible crimes but not for 
cannabis users. Why? The ones that we catch are usually young and 
innocent so they accept a guilty verdict without costing taxpayers a 
fortune. Bonus: pot smokers are easy to catch (pot is bulky/smelly) 
and are a good source of inmates because they cause very little 
trouble. Remember we are building for-profit prisons now. Is some 
truth not shameful?

Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee.

Lora Bruncke

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