Pubdate: Tue, 11 Dec 2012
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2012 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Matt Begley


Dependence is not addiction. Slight irritability and minor insomnia 
are not withdrawal symptoms and even the 1 in 10 who seem unable to 
control their use can lay the blame on their addictive personalities 
rather than weed. In her Sunday column, Julie Muhlstein writes of 
"problems pot presents" yet doesn't cite even one. Her dependence on 
Catholicism is far more difficult to overcome than a weed habit. I 
say that because religion is a drug, it makes its users feel better, 
soon takes over their lives, results in delusional thinking, and once 
hooked, the recovery rate is very low.

Coffee is more difficult to quit that weed. Over 100,000 deaths each 
year can be linked to alcohol, not to mention the fact that most 
violent crimes, assault, rape, and murder, as well as robberies, are 
alcohol-related, making it the most dangerous drug available. Zero 
deaths are caused by weed.

Smoking weed doesn't make people violent either. Lack of initiative 
is a problem for teen tokers and they should be discouraged from 
regularly using weed unless prescribed for depression or anxiety and 
is a far safer treatment than pills.

If people got high as oppssed to drunk we would all enjoy a happier 
and safer world.

Matt Begley

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