Pubdate: Sat, 08 Dec 2012
Source: Troy Messenger (AL)
Copyright: 2012 Troy Messenger
Author: Johnny Witherington


We recently recognized Red Ribbon Week in Troy. A highlight was the
opportunity for the mayor and city council to hear several youngsters
from our community share their essay about the harmful effects of
alcohol and drug abuse. They explained how substance abuse ravages
lives and destroys families. It was very encouraging to hear them
share about the things they do, and the activities they pursue, as
alternatives to the addiction caused by the use of alcohol and drugs.
These kids knew what they were talking about. They realized the wisdom
in making the right choices for their lives. We were so proud of them.

We need to encourage our young people and not hinder their growth by
spewing such garbage like that printed in an article in today's
Messenger. It was written by Dr. Scott Beauller (Executive Director
of the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy
University) and headlined, "Legalize Today: It Makes Economic Sense."

I am shocked and disappointed by his remarks. Dr. Beauller talks
about, "how attitudes about drug abuse are changing." He states, "the
war on drugs in the U.S. has been a failure," so he suggests the U.S.
should: "Legalize the market for marijuana, heroin, or crystal meth,
and crime from the legal drug trade will be equal to the amount of
crime coming from the Starbucks coffee trade (i.e., near zero!)." He
goes on to say that, "criminalizing products people want doesn't end
well for society." He ends his letter by saying. "just think of all
the dollars and productivity being eaten up by imprisoning drug
offenders, " and states, "More relaxed drug laws do not lead to
societal collapse, ... looser drug laws, instead, make society safer,
better, and a little more fun." Dr. Beauller's comments, in my
opinion, are outrageous.

I am reminded of remarks the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham made in one of his
crusades some years ago. He said, "This generation has produced more
alcoholics, more drug addicts, more criminals, more broken homes, more
assaults, more murders and more suicides . . . It is time for us to
begin to take stock of our failures, blunders and costly mistakes."
Dr. Graham is right. Dr. Beauller is wrong.!!! That is what I think
and He is who I believe! Merry CHRISTmas to all!

Johnny Witherington

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