Pubdate: Wed, 05 Dec 2012
Source: Delta Optimist (CN BC)
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Author: Carol Tennis



Re: Legalizing marijuana opens the door to host of social problems, 
Nov. 16 If marijuana were just decriminalized, then alcohol needs to 
be de-legalized.

Remember prohibition? Alcohol is a drug.

I have also worked in the field of alcohol and drug abuse, and am 
more than 28 years clean and sober.

Did Jim Stimson's family members overdose on marijuana? Did his 
sister die from marijuana? Is his son addicted to marijuana? I think 
not. The three separate car crashes resulted from alcohol abuse, not marijuana.

Kids, and other people, have been getting whatever they want, without 
help from anyone, ever since there were kids.

All the studies Stimson talked about having been done for the abuse 
of marijuana have also been done for other drugs. The results are all 
the same - destructive. Marijuana, however, is being investigated for 
curing diseases at doses far higher than one can obtain by lungs or 
stomach. Narcotics relieve unbearable pain.

As for a substance being addictive, everyone who uses narcotics for 
too long gets physically addicted.

Most people don't get addicted to alcohol, and for those who do, it's 
a physical addiction. Marijuana is only psychologically addictive.

Any kind of addict is obsessed with getting a supply of his/her stuff.

Medical marijuana comes in different foods so those who can't or 
won't smoke can get their pain relief in a form they can use, like 
sugared-flavoured cough syrup for children.

Stimson is concerned about public health costs "... and the cost of 
overseeing the growing, manufacturing and selling if it."

Apply that to all the drugs I have mentioned: think of how alcohol is 
regulated in its manufacture, transportation, taxation and sale; the 
way narcotics are regulated and criminalized; and how much they cost 
now in terms of health care.

Washington and Colorado were tired of the costs and incredibly 
damaging effects the criminalization of marijuana has had, and 
decided to make an ounce or less legal to possess. That's not 
growing, manufacturing, selling or taxing.

Education is the answer. May I suggest: Wikipedia, Legal history of 
cannabis in Canada/USA and http: //

Carol Tennis
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