Pubdate: Wed, 21 Nov 2012
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Matthew M. Elrod


Re: Let others pioneer pot liberalization first, Letters, Nov. 19

Letter writer Rob Brandreth-Gibbs accused cannabis law reform 
advocates of avoiding and failing to discuss several questions he has 
with respect to cannabis legalization.

I recommend he read the report of the Senate Special Committee on 
Illegal Drugs of 2002, "Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy."

The committee interviewed dozens of expert witnesses and exhaustively 
reviewed mountains of evidence and peer-reviewed research before 
publishing its four volume report, which unanimously recommended 
cannabis be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco, the 
sooner the better.

If Mr. Brandreth-Gibbs still has questions, I recommend the reports 
of the Le Dain Commission, the Shafer Commission, the LaGuardia 
Committee, the Wooton report and the Runcimen report, available 
online at . 
There are also dozens of excellent books and documentaries on the 
subject that curious parties may purchase online.

As I am sure most newspaper editors will attest, cannabis law reform 
advocates are anxious to discuss any question skeptics care to raise, 
complete with citations and links to websites where we welcome 
uncensored dialogue and go to great lengths and expense to explain 
exactly what we have in mind, the pros and cons we anticipate and the 
historical precedents and scientific evidence we base our opinions on.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Matthew M. Elrod

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