Pubdate: Tue, 16 Oct 2012
Source: Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)
Copyright: 2012 The Daily Camera.
Author: Rob Smoke


The anti-marijuana forces have been doing their much-anticipated
zombie dance with the approach of election day -- or is it Halloween?
"Marijuana is the gateway drug," "teen use will skyrocket,"
"dispensaries invite crime" -- display your fangs, twirl your bloody
limbs, zombies -- miserable arguments coming back from the dead are
all you have!

Let's look at the first one: Marijuana as a "gateway." It's a little
like saying milk is the gateway to alcoholism -- think of mom adding
chocolate syrup to lure you the same way bartenders put cherries in
mixed drinks -- obviously theyre linked.

Yeah, marijuana can be a gateway if you're unlucky enough to grow up
without parents in the middle of the forest -- otherwise the available
information about drugs should be enough to help any child understand
the enormous distance that exists not just between marijuana and meth,
but between marijuana and a St. Joseph's aspirin.

It may be possible for children to be confused or not know the
difference -- it's known to happen when kids are told enough lies.
Ending prohibition means accurate information will be more available
now than ever -- any teen switching from marijuana to hard drugs will
be doing it on their own steam and probably against the standards and
expectations of their peer group -- something already obvious to a
multitude of educators and parents.

Don't be fooled. Marijuana prohibition is the favorite cause of a
select group of special interests that include private prison
operators and "the beer lobby." In other words, people who can
financially profit from ignorance.

Additionally, some local law enforcers have warned against support.
The corporate media frequently ignores the fact that thousands of both
active and retired law enforcement officers nationally have gone on
record supporting Amendment 64 (as well as federal

This November, help Colorado and the nation turn back the zombies!
Vote "yes" on 64.


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