Pubdate: Thu, 04 Oct 2012
Source: Olympian, The (WA)
Copyright: 2012 The Olympian
Author: Chelsea Krotzer


A T-shirt with the face of Tenino Mayor Eric Strawn between two 
marijuana leaves is being sold at the Healing Center in Olympia to 
raise funds for the Tenino quarry pool.

The shirts are not endorsed by the city of Tenino, Strawn said.

The shirts were made by artist Jaime Hadley of Jaime Lyn Creations in 
Tenino and are being sold online for $20.

The shirts feature a black and white photo of Strawn with the words 
"Mayorjuana" and "Tenino, Wa." on top of a Hawaiian flag.

According to the artist's website, 25 percent of T-shirt proceeds go 
to the Tenino quarry pool. Strawn said he was approached about the 
T-shirts in July.

"Anything anyone wants to do that is legal that would help benefit 
our city -- if anyone wants to sell some pothead mayor T-shirts for 
$10 a piece, that's their business," Strawn said. "If that is one of 
the things that is said about me, I can get a chuckle out of that."

Strawn is a medical marijuana card holder for a degenerative elbow 
injury and arthritis, and said he frequents the local medical 
marijuana collections facilities.

Only a few shirts have been sold for the months they have been 
available at the Healing center, according to owner Ciaran Wilburn.

"It was just a good cause, so I figured we would throw it up there," 
Wilburn said. "We hope it does the quarry some good."

Funding for the city quarry is "significantly in the red," according 
to council member Dawna Kelley-Donohue. She and the council were 
unaware of the T-shirts.

"It's sort of typical," Kelley-Donohue said. "It's not uncommon to 
find out about things after the fact."

The city of Tenino has seen a fair share of controversy, including a 
pending investigation involving an incident with Strawn in the city of Lacey.

The council is in the process of appointing a committee to 
investigate the alleged incident.
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