Pubdate: Fri, 05 Oct 2012
Source: Express-Times, The (PA)
Copyright: 2012 The Express-Times
Author: Sean Davis


The subject of drug testing at Bangor area schools has come to the 
forefront following the death of a high school teacher in 2009 from a 
heroin overdose ("Bangor hears more on drugs," Sept. 25). I support 
random drug testing for teachers, but my reasoning differs from that 
of local politician Ron Angle and the family of the late Gina Riso.

I support this type of program to protect the well-being of my 
school-age children, not the individual who chooses to use illegal 
drugs. Those people have made their own decision and should be 
prepared to accept the consequences.

We've read about the results of allowing those who use drugs to 
interact with our students in the conviction of a former Bangor 
assistant wrestling coach. This type of potential exposure could be 
eliminated or reduced with drug testing.

I've been subjected to these programs in the military and as a 
utility employee. If the lineman restoring your power or the soldier 
fighting for our freedom is willing to submit to random drug testing, 
then asking teachers to do the same is not unreasonable.

I know many teachers in the district and they are good people, but 
there are many I don't know. Ultimately it comes down to the fact 
that if you are doing the right thing, a drug test is nothing more 
than a routine requirement to ensure the safety of our students.

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