Pubdate: Wed, 03 Oct 2012
Source: New West News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Black Press
Author: Grant Granger


There was no outcry of ruining the neighbourhood when a 
representative of a medical marijuana dispensary made a case for 
setting up a "pot shop" on 12th Street in New Westminster to the West 
End Residents Association (WERA) last week.

WERA president Elmer Rudolph said Justin Cleveland of the West Coast 
Green Light Society made an impressive 15-minute powerpoint 
presentation and fielded questions for 20 minutes at an association 
gathering that included about 15 residents.

"It was either noncommittal, or I would say I would have the general 
feeling it was positive," said Rudolph of the reaction. "I didn't get 
any indication that anybody felt very strongly anti-dispensary."

Green Light is a non-profit organization that plans to distribute 
cannabis to customers who have a doctor's prescription for the drug 
to help ease the symptoms of many serious diseases. It will operate 
the N.I.C.E Dispensary out of a storefront at 907 12 St. Although the 
business's doors are open for curious pedestrians and neighbours, 
Green Light has said it won't be open for the business of 
distributing until the community is OK with it.

Cleveland also planned to make a presentation to the West End 
Business Association and the New Westminster Police Department.

When Rudolph first heard about it, he thought there would be a huge 
controversy about its possible presence in their backyard, but it 
didn't materialize at the meeting.

"They gave a very good presentation, and a lot of people came that 
were dubious. I didn't know anything about it," said Rudolph. "I was 
quite impressed with their presentation.

"He was up front about everything. It was very informative and when 
people left there they had a changed view of what this business is 
about ... They certainly didn't fan any anti-cannabis dispensary 
emotions in there."
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