Pubdate: Sun, 30 Sep 2012
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2012 Los Angeles Times
Author: Karen O'Keefe


Re "In a haze on pot policy," Editorial, Sept. 27

Sacramento should clarify California's hazy medical marijuana laws. 
But the L.A. City Council bears the bulk of the responsibility for 
the mess locally.

The City Council banned dispensaries after a court decision indicated 
that issuing a limited number of dispensary permits could be 
preempted by federal law. But the state Supreme Court dismissed that 
case, and it is only binding in Long Beach.

Meanwhile, the court is considering whether banning dispensaries 
violates state law. If the council's goal was to avoid a legal mess, 
it failed miserably.

After advocates launched a referendum to let voters have the final 
say on L.A.'s ban, the council directed the Police Department to work 
with federal agents to shut down dispensaries.

Calling in the Drug Enforcement Agency is an affront to the 
democratic process and to patients. The city should follow the path 
of West Hollywood and San Francisco and regulate dispensaries.

Karen O'Keefe

West Hollywood The writer is director of state policies for the 
Marijuana Policy Project.
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