Pubdate: Sun, 30 Sep 2012
Source: Denver Post (CO)
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Author: Jeff Bailey
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Amendment 64 Would Allow for Regulation and Possession of the

Re: "Should pot be legal?" Sept. 23 point-counterpoint articles.

I found the article asking, "Should pot be legal?" both interesting
and enlightening. On the "yes" side, Betty Aldworth presented her case
in a well-thought-out, researched and informed manner. She presented a
compelling argument and not once did she try to convince us of
monetary gain in the form of taxes, only suggesting practical and
rational scenarios. On the "no" side, however, Kenneth R. Buck relied
on the same old kneejerk fear and horror stories involving the
ever-present evils of reefer and our children that have kept this
tiresome, expensive and endless "drug war" fueled and in public favor.
It's time to try something else, since prohibition hasn't seemed much
of a deterrent.

Jeff Bailey, Denver
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