Pubdate: Thu, 13 Sep 2012
Source: Portland Tribune (OR)
Copyright: 2012 Pamplin Media Group
Author: Rev. Jacob Roth


I write in response to "Marijuana legalization is a lot of smoke" 
(Aug. 23), the first point would have us believe that Measure 80 
would allow people, even bus drivers, to drive under the influence. 
It is currently illegal to drive under the influence of drugs and 
alcohol. Measure 80 would not change this. Reckless driving is an 
offense regardless of intoxication level.

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act calls for marijuana to be sold only by 
state-controlled vendors similar to liquor stores and the Oregon 
Liquor Control Commission. Currently a seller never asks for ID. Wine 
produced in Oregon cannot be shipped where sales are prohibited or to 
minors. This would apply to marijuana as well.

Oregonians have "grow operations" for fruits and vegetables. These 
setups are not a risk to the community. The same grow operation used 
for cannabis would pose no additional threat.

People can become habitually addicted to video games and jogging. 
There is no valid scientific evidence of chemical addiction involving 

And the practice of adding cheaper substances to make marijuana seem 
more potent to sell cheap product at higher cost is the single 
greatest risk to marijuana users. OCTA would regulate cannabis additives.

There are no known cases of marijuana deaths. None.

And employers can maintain their drug-free workplace policy. There 
are tests available that can determine if a person is currently under 
the influence of marijuana. That is all that is needed to maintain compliance.

By participating in a legal and regulated industry, "drug dealers" 
will become productive, law abiding, taxpaying Oregonians. If we are 
going to have arguments for and against Measure 80, let's forgo the 
fear mongering, untruths and distortions.

Rev. Jacob Roth

Southeast Portland
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