Pubdate: Mon, 03 Sep 2012
Source: Nelson Mail, The (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2012 Fairfax New Zealand Limited
Author: Steven Wilkinson


With cannabis linked to a drop in IQ points in adolescence, one would 
expect all those people claiming to want to protect our youth, to be 
calling for the immediate removal of prohibition, and replace it with 
an adults-only regulation.

It is proven that teens can obtain cannabis easer than getting 
alcohol or tobacco. This is because both alcohol and tobacco are 
regulated, thus are policed.

Cannabis is policed through prohibition, which is a known failed 
design. With police removing no more than 10 per cent of cannabis 
available, it is costing over $50 million annually.

If cannabis was available through "adults only" outlets, restricting 
cannabis availability to our youth would be achievable and realistic, 
and most importantly, cost only a fraction of prohibition.

The study states, "Those who did not take up pot until they were 
adults with fully-formed brains did not show similar mental 
declines." So where is the harm in allowing adults to use cannabis 
ether recreationally or medicinally without fear of reprisal?

Anti-cannabis, pro-cannabis  both agree that it should be kept out of 
the hands of developing minds.

Regulation makes this achievable.

Prohibition is proven to be responsible for youth access to cannabis.

STEVEN WILKINSON Takaka, August 30.
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