Pubdate: Sat, 01 Sep 2012
Source: Times, The (Shreveport, LA)
Copyright: 2012 The Times
Author: Wesley Bowers


Journalist John Stossel has an article in his Fox News Blog on the 
so-called war on drugs. He points out that because of this federal 
policy, the United States has more people in prison than Russia and China do.

Stossel believes, as we did about alcohol after Prohibition, that we 
should decriminalize drugs. This won't end drug use, of course, but 
it would end this terrible policy of imprisoning drug users as well 
as end the killings on our borders and in Mexico. The money spent on 
this program should then be spent on rehabilitation, not imprisonment.

We should write our congressmen and state legislators, calling 
Stossel's article to their attention, and ask them to act to 
decriminalize drug use.

Wesley Bowers

Nashville 37215
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