Pubdate: Fri, 10 Aug 2012
Source: Kelowna Capital News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012, West Partners Publishing Ltd.
Author: Alan Randell


To the editor:

Re: We'd Be Crazy to Legalize Marijuana, Aug. 7 Capital News.

Well count me among the crazies.

Here are my comments to Brian Mellis' well-written but misguided letter:

1. Governments are not all-powerful. Some laws are totally 
unenforceable and should never have been placed on the books in the 
first place. The prime example of this, of course, is the law that 
seeks to punish citizens for ingesting certain drugs deemed harmful 
by our know-it-all politicians. Unfortunately, the police, who by 
rights should be advising us of this fact, have clearly decided to 
support the law because it increases police power and budgets.

2. Prohibition not only doesn't do what it was supposed to do (reduce 
drug usage) but it creates more harm-huge cost increases, user deaths 
from adulterated drugs, police corruption, etc., than if the drugs 
had remained legal.

3. Is it too much to expect that our laws be logical? If marijuana is 
so dangerous that it should be prohibited, why on earth do we allow 
alcohol to be legally purchased? I would be interested in Mr. Mellis' 
position on returning to the days of alcohol prohibition. Would you 
prefer a drunk driver "coming at you on a rainy night with your 
family strapped in the car" to one who had smoked a few marijuana joints?

Alan Randell,

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