Pubdate: Fri, 03 Aug 2012
Source: New Age, The (South Africa)
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Author: De Wet Potgieter


The Western Cape is home to one of the most diverse cultures in the
country with most of the nightclubs in the CBD owned by Jewish
businessmen. They hire the Congolese and Moroccans as bouncers.

The Congolese are regarded as fearless, loyal and also much more
disciplined due to their military background.

The Congolese and Moroccans are the first line of defence,
"protecting" and ruling the underworld of Cape Town.

They are the strong-arm bouncers and bodyguards at the night spots and
for the mob bosses.

According to a police source, the greater Cape Town area is divided
into three underworld hubs. The Cape Town hub consists mainly of the
CBD, Sea Point area and the southern suburbs. The Bellville hub mainly
covers the northern suburbs and the lucrative students' areas of
Stellenbosch and surrounding towns are the third hub.

Afrikaans and Jewish communities mainly run the nightlife with the
free influx of drugs into these areas attributed by the police source
as being a result of almost no visible or proactive policing of note,
as a result of alleged widespread corruption in the police.

According to him it had become almost impossible to launch any police
raids on trouble spots and drug dens because the gangs are always
forewarned by corrupt police of these planned actions.

When the new owners of the controversial slum building, El Rio in Sea
Point, in the run up to the Soccer World Cup wanted to get rid of the
Nigerian gangsters occupying the block of flats, they brought in the
Sexy Boys from the Cape Flats and with the help of an Israeli security
company the building was cleared and all the Nigerian drug dealers and
prostitutes flushed out of the area.

It took them just two days to do the job while the police were trying
in vain for several years, to restore law and order in the area. The
El Rio building was for years, at the centre of drugs, violence,
prostitution and lawlessness and the Jewish community living there
feared that Sea Point would go in the same slum direction as Hillbrow
in Johannesburg.

In the run up to the Soccer World Cup, nightclubs and nightlife
entertainment venues mushroomed in the Cape Town precinct and more
than 1125 new liquor licenses were issued. Since then those
entertainment spots have been operating around the clock making it
almost impossible for an understaffed police precinct to properly and
effectively control these venues.

According to sources, Cape Town's gangster bosses not only run the
illegal drug market, prostitution, nightclubs and extortion rackets,
but also manage to effectively take control of the property market by
manipulating public auctions and buying prime properties for a song.

"To be honest the fiscal chain of economy would take a serious blow if
the authorities close down these crime bosses leaving scores of people
unemployed," as the Catch-22 as situation was described.
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