Pubdate: Mon, 30 Jul 2012
Source: Phuket Gazette (Thailand)
Copyright: 2012 Phuket Gazette Co. Ltd


PHUKET: Following the reported drowning of a runaway student, the
owner of the Por Noh Klong Gom School during a video-conference with
Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner-General Adul Saengsingkaew
admitted that "improvements" to the school's management were urgently

The video conference, at Krabi Provincial Hall on Saturday, was in
reaction to the drowning and subsequent mass-walkout by hundreds of
other students from the youth drug rehabilitation facility two days

Joined by Krabi Governor Prasit Osathanon and Krabi Provincial Police
Commander Jamroon Ruenrom, school owner Anurak Ginglek explained to Lt
Gen Adul what had occurred and what steps he was taking to improve the
rehabilitation center.

"On July 26, four students attempted to escape from the school. One of
them drowned while trying to swim across the Krabi River, and a second
received minor injuries resulting from a teacher's punishment," Mr
Anurak said.

"After the incident, the school's remaining students chose to leave
and requested to be sent home. Now the school is temporarily closed.

"I and the management team will now consider what measures can be
implemented to control student and teacher behavior," he added.

Mr Anurak pointed out that the school buildings needed renovating and
the student numbers reduced to a more manageable figure.

"There are currently more than 1,000 students in the school. It's too
crowded," he said.

Mr Anurak voiced his regret concerning the tragic loss of a student
and said he was willing to cooperate with the police in any way he

"Many students may lose their chance to get further drug
rehabilitation treatment. Some of them have almost finished the rehab
program, but with the school now closed they might go back to using
drugs," he said.
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