Pubdate: Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Source: New Vision (Uganda)
Copyright: 2012 New Vision
Authors: Vision Reporters


Several MPs, high profile businessmen and celebrities are under
investigation over drug trafficking and money laundering.

The Police confirmed that at least three MPs are under investigation.
Among them is Tonny Kipoi, for Bubulo West. "Yes, his file is on my
table and we are looking for him over drug trafficking," said the
commissioner in charge of Narcotics, Amadia Fabian.

Kipoi reportedly went missing after the Criminal Investigations
Department started probing him. He last signed attendance in
Parliament on May 17 and has so far missed 25 consecutive
parliamentary sittings without permission.

The vice-chairperson of the defense and internal affairs committee,
Milton Muwuma, confirmed that since the beginning of this session, the
MP had not attended any meetings.

The parliamentary rules of procedure grant the Speaker the right to
expel an MP who misses 15 consecutive sittings.

Sunday Vision could not establish the other MPs being investigated,
but sources say two are from Busoga while the other is thought to be
from Tororo.

The companies where Kipoi has interests are also being

Kipoi has been under the spotlight since May. About the same time, the
Police said, a suspected drug dealer landed at Entebbe Airport. The
dealer was allegedly transporting 5kg of cocaine.

The Brazilian woman reportedly landed on May 13 aboard Turkish

The Police are also investigating a possible link between Kipoi and a
Nigerian drug lord.

On June 14, Interpol was asked to investigate Kipoi over drug
trafficking. This followed the arrest of a Ugandan, Shaban Moses
Khuju, in Brazil with 80 plastic enclosures containing 1.19kg of cocaine.

The Police said they were also investigating a possible link between
Kipoi and Khuju.

Interpol Uganda chief, Asan Kasingye, said he wrote to the CID
director, Grace Akullo to investigate the MP over the accusations.
Akullo confirmed the investigations, saying they were being handled by
the Special Branch.

Kipoi's known mobile phone was off. Simon Mulongo, Bubulo West MP,
said he had last seen him two months ago. He added, however, that
Kipoi's disappearance was not unusual because he often flies to South
Africa on business trips.
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