Pubdate: Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2012 Los Angeles Times
Author: Chuck Rinaldi


Re "Is marijuana good medicine?," Opinion, July 26

Dr. David Sack says few medical conditions are affected by medical 
marijuana - such as cancer and HIV (the ability to actually eat while 
in treatment), migraines, anxiety disorders and the ability to fall 
asleep, to name some of them.

A few years ago, a woman I loved was diagnosed with cancer for the 
fifth time. The use of illegal marijuana gave her a decent quality of 
life until she passed.

I have a solution to the concerns over marijuana dispensaries: Close 
them down. Then have ill patients buy illegal marijuana in front of 
the police and insist that they be arrested. The officers can wheel, 
assist and cajole these suffering people to their cells. When it is 
your loved one being put in jail, perhaps the hard-hearted will soften.

Put the stuff under Food and Drug Administration control. Tax it like 
any other cash crop.

Chuck Rinaldi, Huntington Beach
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