Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jul 2012
Source: Fort McMurray Today (CN AB)
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Author: Jordan Thompson


The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team is encouraging all Albertans
to keep an eye out for rural and outdoor marijuana grow operations
this summer.

Marijuana grow ops present significant safety hazards in rural and
urban Alberta. ALERT's Green Teams often uncover electrical bypasses
which are commonly used to acquire the large amount of power needed
for the grow op, but are an extreme fire hazard.

"We are asking rural Albertans to watch for grow ops this time of
year," said Green Team's A/Sgt. Ray Savage in a news release. "While
many people think grow ops are limited to cities, growers are drawn to
rural areas where they feel their activity is more concealed and may
go unnoticed. This is why it's so important to be on the lookout."

ALERT Green Teams, made up of members from the Calgary Police Service,
Edmonton Police Service and RCMP, work to investigate and dismantle
grow ops in rural and urban Alberta. Between April 1, 2011 and March
31, 2012, ALERT seized more than 57,000 marijuana plants, at a street
value of nearly $69 million.

Signs of a rural or outdoor marijuana grow op may include:

- - Lime green vegetation concealed from roads or hidden within other

- - Residents who appear to be living in the area temporarily

- - Construction materials or the construction of temporary

- - Isolated greenhouse structures

- - Pumps, generators or other equipment not normally found in the

- - New ATV trails, or ATVs accessing previously unused

- - Suspicious activity at rural water sources

To report suspicious activity or a suspected marijuana grow operation
in your community, contact police or Crime Stoppers at 1 (800)
222-8477 (TIPS). For more information on how to spot a marijuana grow
operation, visit .
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