Pubdate: Sat, 21 Jul 2012
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)
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Author: Jay Bergstrom


Regarding Tuesday's story headlined "Police: Marijuana motive for 
most home-invasion robberies":

Early in the last century, home invasion robberies of this sort 
started. Thirteen years later they stopped, along with the 
concomitant exploding neighborhood stills and drunk waterfowl along 
the Pacific flyway.

Those years comprised the period of alcohol prohibition, which 
required an amendment to the Constitution to start and another to end.

To all but those who will not see, it is obvious that after investing 
40 years, much blood, and a trillion dollars, the path we've taken on 
drugs is not going where we heard it would lead us.

To return to the American path of Life, Liberty, Justice and 
Happiness, we would do well to draw on our Dutch heritage of 
tolerance. We tolerate the ills of tobacco and alcohol, yet we have 
made great strides in their reduction, mainly through truthful education.

I just want to open a swinging-door cannabis saloon on Chico's main drag.

- - Jay Bergstrom, Forest Ranch
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