Pubdate: Sun, 03 Jun 2012
Source: Morning Star, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 The Morning Star
Author: Dan Rezanson


I have to put my hand up with Rory White on his issues with the 
legalization of pot. I can't count the number times I've walked into 
an apartment building and smelled the aroma of musty, heavy-burning 
marijuana smoke. Actually, I've never walked into an apartment 
building and smelled smoke, of any kind. Come to think of it, aren't 
a lot of apartment buildings non-smoking these days? Although if we 
legalize pot, he's right. People would probably immediately pick up 
the habit who had never done it before and forever wreck the pleasant 
smell of apartment building foyers.

And I couldn't agree more with how terrible it would be to be walking 
around in public and having to breath in the acrid, horrible smell of 
marijuana smoke. Not when we have diesel and gas exhaust, in addition 
to cigarette smoke to delightfully inhale. It would be an absolute 
nightmare having to dodge these pot clouds of public nuisance.

If we legalized pot every 10-to 16-year-old would find someone to 
bootleg it for them. Right now, it's actually almost impossible for 
kids of that age to find this very dangerous and illegal substance on 
the street, at their school, near their park, while out hiking, when 
at work, or in their parents sock drawer. Won't someone please think 
of the children?

Addictive? You better believe it! How will the city support all the 
rehabilitation clinics that will spring up from the sudden explosion 
of addicted users if we legalize this menace? Could you imagine the 
chip and pop shortages we would face? The chronic nappers? All of the 
bandwidth being used up by people streaming endless hours of Cheech 
and Chong? It would be anarchy.

I hope someone finds this as laughable and enjoyable as I found Mr. 
Whites' headlining article to be.

Dan Rezanson

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