Pubdate: Sun, 27 May 2012
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2012 Summit Daily News
Author: Doug Johnson


Re. "Summit County finalizes medical marijuana regulations," SDN, May

I'm writing on behalf of all those people that would like to continue
being legal for medical marijuana, but don't feel the need to be
fleeced by Summit County and the State of Colorado. Their "fees" are
absurd for home cultivation, and it's simple math. By law we are only
allowed (6) plants at any one time, (3) of which in flowering =C2=85 the
whole point. Which means that over a year you're lucky to harvest twice.

At a cost for materials and energy, which the article and government
always seem to forget, we can grow at home for about $1,300-$1,600 a
year. Now they are talking about $4000 for "their" costs. What costs?
Permit costs? Sounds like bloated, inefficient government garbage -

What they are saying is that they aren't getting their greedy little
government hands in the pie of the home grower and they want a chunk.
Those who are legal already pay a fee, yearly, and then if they buy
anything from a dispensary they are taxed. So, why again would someone
who isn't selling anything and growing at home be unofficially taxed?

This whole thing is a tax-and-spend fiasco and is just as out of touch
as the federal government in its policies and taxation. Once again
we're left to deal with crony government math which is opposite to
reality. Way to encourage people to get/stay legal by sinking greedy
government fingers in something they have no business in. By that, I
mean if you home grow for yourself, you aren't in business. Simple,


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